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Commercial RecipeFried Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce


0 minutes
18 servings

Is anything better than ice cream? The answer is yes because this recipe for Fried Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce will knock the socks off anyone who takes a bite. The combination of creamy ice cream, fried coconut flakes and HEATH Toffee Bits and melted HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips will make this the hottest cool dessert on your menu.

Ingredients & Directions


  • 1⁄2 gal.
    vanilla ice cream
  • 13-1⁄2 oz.
    vanilla wafer crumbs
  • 9 oz.
    HEATH Toffee Bits, medium grind (Item# 60550)
  • 4-1⁄2 oz.
    sweetened coconut flakes
  • 10-1⁄2 oz. (6 large)
  • --
    Vegetable oil
  • 1-1⁄2 qts. (48 fl. oz.)
    heavy cream
  • 6 oz.
    dark brown sugar
  • 1 Tbsp.
    ground cinnamon
  • 1⁄2 oz.
    almond extract
  • 2 lbs. 4 oz.
    HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips (Item #14122)



Cover tray with wax paper. Using #10 scoop, form 18 ice cream balls; place on prepared tray. Cover; freeze several hours or until very firm.


Blend together vanilla wafer crumbs, HEATH Toffee Bits and sweetened coconut flakes in large bowl. Set aside. Using wire whisk, mix eggs in small bowl. Coat ice cream balls with crumb mixture, pressing crumbs firmly into ice cream. Dip balls in beaten eggs; coat again with crumb mixture. Place on prepared tray; freeze 2 hours or until very firm.


Prepare LATINO CHOCOLATE SAUCE: Stir together heavy cream, brown sugar and cinnamon in large heavy-bottomed saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until brown sugar dissolves and mixture just begins to boil. Remove from heat and let stand 3 to 5 minutes. Add almond extract and HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips, stir until smooth. Serve warm.


Just before serving, heat 2-inches oil in fry pan or deep fryer to 375°F. Remove 2 balls at a time from freezer; fry in hot oil 20 to 25 seconds or until browned. Drain; serve immediately with warm chocolate sauce.