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Commercial RecipeREESE'S Quick Thai Noodles


0 minutes
16 servings

Perfect for hungry guests, these REESE'S Quick Thai Noodles are inspired by sweet and savory flavors of Southeast Asia. This dish comes together easily and boasts pops of color with green onion, carrot, cilantro and red bell pepper. Best of all? You can customize the protein in this dish with shrimp, pork, or chicken, or make it vegetarian-friendly with veggie meat or tofu. Who knew REESE'S Peanut Butter Sauce was so versatile?

Ingredients & Directions


  • 4 lbs.
    Pad Thai noodles
  • 16 fl. oz.
    REESE'S Peanut Butter Sauce (Item# 35031)
  • 16 fl. oz.
    soy sauce
  • 4 tsp.
    crushed red pepper flakes
  • 21-1⁄3 fl. oz.
    vegetable oil
  • 4 lbs.
    shrimp, raw (peeled with tail on), tofu, boneless pork or chicken breast, cut thinly into strips
  • 24 to 32
    green onions, julienne style
  • 1 lb. 8 oz. (6 medium)
    carrots, grated
  • 1-1⁄2 oz.
    chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1 lb. (4 cups)
    red bell peppers, cut into strips
  • --
    Chopped peanuts



Prepare noodles according to package directions. Drain well; rinse with cold water for 30 seconds. Set aside.


Using wire whisk, stir together REESE'S Peanut Butter Sauce, soy sauce and red pepper flakes in large bowl. Set aside.


Heat oil over medium heat in wok or large frying pan. Add shrimp, tofu, pork or chicken. Stir-fry 1 minute or until done.


Add softened noodles and peanut butter mixture to wok or large frying pan. Stir-fry 3 to 5 minutes. Toss with green onions, carrots, cilantro and red bell pepper. Garnish with chopped peanuts. Serve immediately.